Iceland head office number

Although not one of the main supermarkets in the UK, the Iceland head office number is one of the most searched for in the country. the reasons behind this are somewhat vague and can be difficult to understand – after all, if there are more people getting their groceries from Tesco or Sainsbury’s, then why are people more desperate to speak to a member of head office staff from Iceland rather than one of the bigger shopping outlets? However, this is probably something to do with Iceland’s own customer service policy, which means that matters cannot quite as easily be dealt with in store – meaning that people are more likely to try and escalate their complaint as quickly as possible.

Given that they operate towards the budget end of the shopping market – with £1 offers being a staple of their marketing, and frozen buffet food being one of their biggest sellers – the company have clearly attempted to reduce the amount of money they have to spend on contact number staff and call centres. Without doing this, they would not be able to offer the bargain prices that they provide for consumers – and this is yet another reason that their customers have to search for the Iceland head office number if they have an issue that needs dealing with.

Contacting the Iceland head office number team

In general, the Iceland team who are based at their headquarters will mainly deal with administrative tasks and the larger matters that affect their company. In terms of the kind of enquiries that they will get from people calling their contact number, it will focus on people who are trying to get in touch with their media team for a press request, or for the larger complaints that cannot be dealt with by manager or employees in their UK shops. It is unlikely that they will even contemplate dealing with small matters such and general customer service questions or opening hours – but if you feel that you need to speak to them about anything, then give them a call.

In addition to the Iceland head office contact number, the team can also be reached through the post. Although you should be able to send letters of complaint to your local Iceland store, it is recommended that anything formal is sent to the Iceland head office address for the correct member of staff to deal with whatever your issue is. This can be found below:

Iceland Foods Ltd
Second Avenue
Deeside Industrial Park