New Look head office number

Although they may not be one of the larger fashion brands in the UK, the New look head office number is still constantly being searched fro by people who need to speak to their central helpline staff. This could be down to many reasons – but in these cases, it is usually down to the fact that their in store customer service teams do not offer the same level of support as their rivals – leading people to try and escalate their issues much more quickly than usual.

One of the main problems that New Look have faced over recent years has been the rise of online fashion brands such as Boohoo and ASOS – companies that make sure that the majority of their support is done online, negating the need for a central contact number. This reduces the amount of money that each business has to spend on call centre staff – savings that they can then pass on to their users. This could be a strategy that is being mimicked by New Look as they attempt to regain their market share – and could be a contributing factor behind people looking online for the New Look head office number.

Contacting the New Look head office number

Typically, staff at the head office of a clothing company such as New Look will deal largely with administrative issues, as ell as being responsible for the creative processes which shape the ‘big picture’ matters that shape every company. Their head office helpline number will therefore mainly be used by people looking to get in New Look head office contact numbertouch with individual members of staff rather than by members of the general public who need to report a problem with a dress or some shoes.

In general, a call to the New Look head office number should only be made by a customer if they have a matter pertaining to a certain member of staff – such as a media enquiry, or a complaint that needs to be escalated beyond the point where the customer service staff in store or through their usual dedicated phone number are unable to assist. In most cases, it is unlikely that a call to the New look head office will be able to provide the required support to deal with most of the matters that affect consumers, and matters such as returns or website issues should be broached with the appropriate teams first, before bringing it to the attention of their headquarters.

However, if you do feel it necessary to get in touch with the New Look head office number, you should be directed through to a member of their dedicated contact team who should be able to either direct you to the correct phone number to dial or manage the matter themselves. Alternatively, you can reach them by post (through which most formal complaints should be made) at the following address:

New Look Retail Group Limited
New Look House
Mercery Road
United Kingdom