Primark Head Office Number

As one of the largest clothing store sin the country, there are lots of people who are trying to get in contact with the Primark head office number for a variety of reasons. Many people would argue that this largely comes down to the fact that their customer service in store can sometimes be far below the standard expected of most other fashion brands – and that certainly seems to be the case judging by responses on social media.

When calling the Primark head office phone number, there is a chance to sort out issues such as refunds and complaints that staff in store simply do not have the time or power to address in a manner that most people would judge to be correct. However, the people who man their head office helpline should be able to investigate further into the reasons behind your call – although they are unlikely to deal with straightforward enquiries in the same ways that other customer service phone numbers would be able to.

Primark’s entire business model is based around reducing costs as much as possible, and a lot of that comes back to minimising the amount of money they have to spend on staff to deal with complaints. In fact, it is believed that the company do not even have a dedicated central call centre – although some would point out that this is fairly typical of most budget high street stores.

Calling the Primark head office number

If you have an issue that you feel has not been addressed properly by the company’s staff in the shop, then the Primark head office number is probably your only course of action. Upon dialling, it is likely that you will be directed through to a multi-choice menu – but regardless of how you get through, you should be able to be directed through to the correct member of staff eventually.

The Primark head office typically only deals with issues that are far beyond the reach of managers and employees in the their stores around the UK – with high level complaints, media enquiries and matters about staffing being some of the main things that they are believed to manage. However, if you think that your issue is worth getting in touch with their headquarters about, it is advised that you call.

You can also reach them in writing at the Primark head office address as detailed below:

Primark Stores Limited
Primark House
41, West Street