Tesco head office number

Having long been the largest supermarket in the UK (and now one of the largest retailers anywhere in the world), there are always hundreds of people who need to get in touch with the Tesco head office number each and every day. Holding stores of all shapes and sizes across Britain – ranging from Extra to Metro, with everything in between), the multitude of ways in which they affect people’s everyday lives means that there are always going to be a huge volume of people who need to call their head office for one reason or another.

Thankfully, unlike most head offices, Tesco have set up their HQ helpline in such a way that means that people are able to dial without simply being directed through to a switchboard. Although the Tesco head office number may not be manned by quite the same number of staff as, say, their normal phone number, it still employs a small call centre in order to deal with the amount of people ringing. They have people in all areas of expertise, from their Tesco mobile and Tesco Insurance ranges through to their bread-and-butter supermarket questions.

Why do people call the Tesco head office number?

As with most head office contact lines, the reasons behind people dialling the Tesco head office number are largely to do with things that their normal customer service staff are simply unable to deal with. While this may sound like a slight on the staff in store that deal with enquiries, it isn’t – their powers are extremely limited, especially when compared to those who man the phones at their headquarters.

The majority of people calling are likely doing so in order to raise a complaint with the company where employees in their local shops are unable to offer assistance. This can range from people calling in order to complain about advertising, through to wanting to raise an issue about a member of staff themselves. Whatever the problem, the Tesco head office number team have been set up in such a way that they are able to deal with most matters quickly.

In addition to this, the Tesco team at their headquarter deal with a huge number of media enquiries from the press. This is due to the company’s position as the largest retailer in the country – and the Tesco Head Office number team are set up to be able to manage all of these calls and forward them on whenever necessary.